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Handcrafted with Love & Wellness in Mind

Our Story

Catlin Naturals is a line of luxury body care products handcrafted with love and wellness in mind. After the loss of my grandmother, devastated and overwhelmed with grief, I began focusing on formulating products with essential oils and fragrances. At the time, I didn't realize it but this helped me to channel my grief into creativity as a way to cope with the loss. Making the connection became therapeutic and healing for me. This experience sparked my "Aha!" moment and inspired me to use my God given gifts to create, connect and help people just like my grandmother did for so many. My passion to help others along with my grandmother's legacy translated into a love reciprocated by others which became the driving force behind me creating unique products that people can trust. Through the art of handcrafting, creating a product with love from start to finish, and adding my own personal touch, allowed me to share with others a meaningful gift from my heart. Handcrafted with Love and Wellness in Mind. This inspired and led to the creation of Catlin Naturals!

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission and motto is handcrafted with love and wellness, we are committed to using quality ingredients to create and provide safe alternatives. 

Our vision is to provide unique, quality, skillfully made products that people can trust. Products that are ethically and locally sourced, free from toxins and harsh chemicals.

Our Products

Catlin Naturals products are created with only the finest ingredients. Each batch is made with its own unique blend intended to refresh & invigorate your soul. It is our hope you will find that our products are of the highest quality.

Our luxury body care products are formulated with ingredients free from harmful toxins so you can naturally enjoy the benefits. Enhanced with our unique style, technique and creativity to offer you the best product experience. 

We promote self care that nourishes your body through a healthy mind, body and spirit. Our products will hydrate, moisturize and nourish your skin leaving you smelling, feeling and looking good. You'll love our variety of products consisting of body butters, salves, beard oil and much more. The smell, feel and look of our products are designed with high quality and attention to detail. Don't waste another minute, see why customers are raving about Catlin Naturals! 

Handcrafted is just that ~ made skillfully by hand with quality and a whole lot of love! 
Care + Creativity + Love = Catlin Naturals